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The Herren Project’s (THP) Project Purple initiative is to encourage people of all ages to stand up to the pressures of drugs and alcohol. The THP Project Purple initiative encourages students to be true to themselves and support one another as they navigate life’s challenges. Our goal is to empower oneself to effect change in their lives, in their school and community. You know your school’s needs and community best and will most certainly adapt the methods to do what works best within those parameters. It is very important, however, not to modify the message and core beliefs of the Herren Project and the THP Project Purple initiative. All materials, including the logo are copyrighted and may not be altered or used as intended without written permission from The Herren Project. 

You can bring the THP Project Purple initiative to your school or community group in whatever fashion you choose – start small and keep it simple. This is a message that will spread if it is nurtured. Allow the students to run the show with some guidance. Always be cognizant of the fact that what makes the THP Project Purple initiative unique and successful is that it is driven by students. When students are armed with the truth and take ownership of something they are far more likely to follow through and carry the message.

Everything you need to Go Purple is below from the THP Project Purple pledge to flyers, posters, Tool Kit, Social Media, PR & Additional Resources. Stand up, join us – Go Purple!

10 Steps to Go Purple & Implement The THP Project Purple Initiative In Your Community: A step by step guide on how to turn your community purple.


THP Project Purple Initiative Flyers and PostersPublicize your THP Project Purple Initiative event in the community by printing and distributing Go Purple flyers and posters. To download and print the THP Project Purple Initiative materials, inviting your school or community group to stand up against Substance Abuse, please visit THP Project Purple Flyers & Posters.


The Herren Project Tool Kit: A great way to prepare for the THP Project Purple Initiative message within your school community in addition to lesson plans, resources and more!


Social Media: Follow THP & The THP Project Purple Initaiative on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Snap Chat

10 Steps to GO Purple

The THP Project Purple App: Download the THP Project Purple Initiative App & have everything you need to be Purple & Proud at your fingertips!


Additional Resources: Looking for materials and resources to further support your lesson plan on substance abuse or to utilize as hand outs at your THP Project Purple Initative event? Here are some great resources available at your fingertips that are informative and at no cost to your organization.