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Need Purple Inspiration? Start Here!

THP Project Purple Initiative ideas and projects are always changing due to the creativity of the students, mentors and school administration. Below are a few to get you started. Looking for additional advice, contact Lucia Nazzaro the THP Project Purple Initiative Coordinator at or 401-243-8590.

How To Get Started

Sports Teams, Student Council or the Band are a great place to start! Student athletes, student council members or musicians take the pledge and set the wheels in motion for their student body to join them!

PP-FootballLaces1-899x1024 TakingthePledge BlacksburgSoccer

School Clubs are also a great place to start and introduce the THP Project Purple Initiative. Clubs such as Interact, Key Club, Community Action Clubs and SADD exist in many high schools and adapting the THP Project Purple messaging is a perfect fit within their mission and objectives. Other schools have started their own Go Purple Clubs to spread the message and encourage peers to make positive decisions and stand up to substance abuse.

Donate Saint-Franic-2 Ft-Wayne

Invite Notable Alumni to Make a Project Purple PSA: From athletes to business owners – every school has an alumni looking to give back.

Make Your Own VIDEO or PSA: Grab your classmates or teammates and create your own PSA or music video encouraging your peers to stand up to substance abuse!

Build Awareness with Educational Activities:
  • Book Read & Essay Contest: Read Basketball Junkie and write an essay on your “take away”
  • Peer to Peer Mentoring: Encourage the younger students in your town to make good choices. Lead by example and show them positive ways to have fun.
  • Education Event with Guest Speaker: Local experts, past students or families who may have a message to share on the dangers of substance abuse.
  • Themed Art Contests: From Posters to Pottery – Show your artistic side and showcase the THP Puple message.
  • Senior Projects: Start the THP Project Purple Initiative in your community and leave behind a lasting message of positive decision making.
  • Service Projects: Volunteer at a local nursing home or at the local animal shelter.

billericabballclinic2 Dog TX PP HIgh School Mentors sanjose5 Hit It Out of The Park

Be Creative with Fun Awareness Events:
  • Wear Purple Spirit Day: Simple & Fun from THP Project Purple Initiative Shirts, Shoelaces to Bands – Go Purple!
  • Make Purple Awareness Ribbons & Signs: Show your Purple Spirit!
  • Create a THP Project Purple Initiative Bulletin Board or Case Display
  • Host a Purple Sporting Event (Hoop Tournament, Contest, Dodgeball, Wiffleball, Powderpuff or Flag Football)
  • Color Purple Fun Run – Exercise and fun…Purple Style!
  • Accessorize! Use purple sports wrap to make headbands or purple bandannas to keep your hair under cover.
  • Print out the I AM Poster & Encourage Others to Complete it
  • Incorporate the color Purple in Homecoming, Prom & Dances
  • Host a “BE YOU” Talent Show
  • Build a Purple Snowman in the Town Center
  • Turn a local landmark Purple with Purple Lights or Flags!
  • Customize a sign with a THP Project Purple Initiative message.

Use your imagination and accessorize – if you can dream it, you can do it!

Swampscott-MiddleSchool WORKING-ON-RIBBONS Project Purple Senior Y 2015 Sign 2014-01-27 12.53.53

Eanes Sign I See Purple People IMG_0843 IMG_0864 THP PP Snowman Photos & Ideas Around The Map

IMG_0857  Morris-Knolls-NJ  Putnam

Send us your candid shots, group photos and Purple ideas! From posters to PSAs show your creativity and share your ideas with other members of the initiative. Send your pictures to We want to hear from you!

Don’t forget to follow the THP Project Purple Initiative on Social Media! Twitter: @THPPurple, @HerrenProject, Instagram THPPurple and the THP Project Purple Initiative Facebook Page. Together we can make a difference, celebrating life and supporting one another.