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PARTICIPATE: Light & Unite Purple

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Light & Unite Purple

Join The Herren Project and light the night Purple! Landmarks, buildings and homes across the world united in Purple. Purchase a purple sting of lights, light bulb or spot light. To light up large buildings or landmarks use the film gel Rosco #2009 Storaro Violet. They are available in large sheets 20”x24” and sold by the sheet. To order or for more information, please visit: A great way to celebrate THP Project Purple Initiative week and show your support for all those affected by substance abuse!

Dallas Outline Purple
Light the Night · Show Support · Stand Together.

Participate Light & Unite Purple Herren Project Purple 042412 - 10 Teamsters Bldg

Please Note: (Excerpt from Rosco Web Site).

Most light fixtures can be covered using the 20”x 24” sheets. Every light is different and each will accept the filter in its own way. Some fixtures may have a slot for sliding the filter in, others may necessitate a little more creativity to attach the filter in front, which may be as simple as a little tape. You’ll want to leave some separation between the filter and the actual lamp itself, as the lamp itself can get quite hot. Securing the filter to the glass lens of the luminaire (not the lamp or bulb) is best. Try to cover the entire lens or opening because any white light that escapes can overpower the purple light.