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Looking for materials and resources to further support your lesson plan on substance abuse or to utilize as hand outs at your THP Project Purple Initative event? Here are some great resources available at your fingertips that are informative and at no cost to your organization from the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA)  Order a NIDA Educational Sample Pack for your school or community group today. Additional copies of each of the resorces may be ordered by visiting

The Information & Educational Tool Kit Includes:

National Drug IQ Challenge: Encourages people to test their knowledge about drug abuse and addiction by asking them to take a 12-question quiz. Accompanying answers shed light on the science of drug abuse. >>Download Now<<

Drugs: Shatter The Myths: Answers teens’ most frequently asked questions about drugs and abuse with scientific facts and engaging images.

Drugs + Your Body: It Isn’t Pretty (Teaching Guide): Poster Front Powerful imagery shows teens and young adults how drugs of abuse damage major organs. A provocative and engaging educational tool. Back: Four critical-thinking activity worksheets and lesson plans on drugs of abuse: a basic neuroscience lesson on how the brain governs the body; an in-depth look at how different drugs damage various vital organs; an activity using a diagram to explore how abusing drugs can damage relationships; and an exercise on how to read a statistical graph on emergency room visits to show the impact of drugs on society. 

>Order an NIDA Educational Sample Pack for your school or community group today<<

Looking for Lesson Plans and Printables? Visit:

Topics Include: E-Cigarettes, Science of Addiction, Prescription Drug Use, Tobacco, Stimulants, Marijuana Facts