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The mission and purpose of the THP Project Purple Initiative Advisory Board is to help enhance outreach, support materials and programs of the THP Project Purple Initiative. Members include student representatives, college students, young professionals, community advocates, teachers, counselors and school administrators. Interested in nominating a person to the advisory board? E-mail:
Hillary Costa, Courtney Kelleher and Ashley Guertin:
King Philip Regional High School DECA Committee, Wrentham, MA
King Philip’s THP Project Purple Initiative was formed by DECA members Hilary, Courtney and Ashley to help create a network and environment for high school students to feel safe in their morals or beliefs, along with establishing a movement that raises awareness for the severity and danger of addiction.  The DECA committee took on this mission in the fall of 2016 with hopes to help expand and spread the mission of THP’s Project Purple Initiative in their community.

John Hinton: Highland Park High School, Dallas, TX
John Hinton teaches Leadership & Ethics, Special Education science, and sponsors Student Council at Highland Park High School in Dallas, TX.  In November 2015, John took eight of his Student Council students to hear Chris speak in Dallas at an annual fundraiser.  They had no idea about Chris’s story but afterwards, were all in agreement that they had to have Chris come to their school and speak. Chris came in April of 2015 and spoke to the entire student body of 2,000 students.  Moved by what they had heard, they joined the THP Project Purple Initiative and this past school year, they continued promoting THP ‘s Project Purple by lighting numerous downtown Dallas buildings purple. They also helped in getting Chris to come and speak at their middle school and that evening with the community of parents.  Additionally, they just celebrated Red Ribbon Week this past week and made it purple in the halls, cafeteria, and in the gym for the pep rally and continue to come up with new and exciting ways to spread the mission of this initiative.

Kimberly Inglis: Friends of Clinton Youth & Family Services Bureau, Clinton, CT
Kim is heavily involved in her communities Project Purple efforts and is also the treasurer of Friends of Clinton Youth & Family Services Bureau (CYFSB.)  CYFSB in conjunction with the towns, “Pretty Committee,” placed 496 purple flags in the town of Clinton to help spread the mission of Project Purple and to represent each life lost in the state of CT due to a drug overdose.  The Clinton Project Purple team had an array of activities this year, which included a week of spirit and “going purple,” and community and school events including presentations by Chris Herren, which as treasurer of the CYFSB, Kim was instrumental in making happen.  Kim is also involved in numerous other organizations.  For four years she served on the board of Clinton Little League, is in her third year on the Clinton Youth Football and Cheerleading board, and is also a founding member of the Clinton Family Day committee.  She lives in Clinton with her husband and three children.

Melanie Jozokos: Westford Academy, Westford, MA
Melanie is a Health & Child Development Teacher at Westford Academy, in Westford, MA. She has worked at Westford Academy for 17 years and teaches three courses (Freshmen Health, Senior Health and an elective course called Child Development).  Melanie is the Advisor to both THP’s Project Purple and SADD.  She brought Project Purple to Westford Academy in the Fall of 2013 after having Chris speak at the school in the Spring of 2013.    Westford’s Project Purple has several active members and more than 300 students who have taken the Purple Pledge.  She lives in Litchfield, NH with her husband, Jason, and two children (Jaxson, age 11 and Jynjer, age 9).

Bill Scott: Dean of Students, Roger L. Putnam Vocational Tech. Academy, Springfield, MA
Bill Scott is a Dean of Students at Roger L. Putnam Vocational Technical Academy in Springfield, Massachusetts. In 2013, Bill, along with fellow teacher Tom Lamondia and a few student leaders, brought the Project Purple Initiative to Putnam Academy and surrounding Springfield high schools. Putnam Project Purple continues to be an important student-lead initiative that promotes wellness and activities in the school and the community, and empowers and educates others about the dangers and consequences associated with drug and alcohol abuse.
Prior to working at Putnam Academy, Bill retired from the Connecticut Department of Correction after having worked for twenty years as a correctional manager and counselor. In addition to being a Dean of Students, Bill has coached youth and high school athletics for thirty-five years. He is a graduate of Springfield College. Bill resides in Longmeadow, MA with his wife Krista. They have two sons William and Patrick.
Bill looks forward to continuing the valuable work of THP Project Purple Initiative with the students of Springfield, MA.

Siobhan Thompson: Registered Nurse, Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, MD
Siobhan first got involved with The Herren Project when she was searching for a way to give back to a community that had played a large role in her life over the previous years. Her brother had been dealing with addiction for many years and while she was a Sophomore in college, going into her junior year, she felt that she had something to give back to the community and support system that had played a large role in his life. The first thing that came to mind was a 30 for 30 that featured Chris Herren because of the impact it had on her brother as well as herself. She felt that incorporating Chris and the Herren Project into her community and the University of Delaware campus would be a plausible way to inspire others to be “good enough” the way she had been inspired.

In April of 2015 she held a two-day event called “UD Goes Purple!” in which she shared the documentary “The Anonymous People”, held a recovery board panel discussion, and invited Chris Herren to speak. She had a great turn out with over 1,000 guests in total attendance, and more importantly, many emails, texts, and phone calls from those in the community who were impacted.  Since then she has graduated college and worked as a registered nurse at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, MD in the Medical Intensive Care Unit. She is so honored to have been given this opportunity and looks forward to what is to come!

Jake White: University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT
Jake White is a student at UConn studying Human Development and Family Studies. In that department Jake studies how the family works and is currently choosing between focusing more on Early Childhood or the Public Policy program. He is also a Resident Assistant and plays lots of basketball in his free time. Jake was introduced to THP and Chris Herren when he spoke at a recovery center in Massachusetts. When Chris spoke at Jake’s high school, he was inspired to start a Project Purple Initiative club that still meets weekly. Jake has run in two Spartan races at Fenway Park for The Herren Project and is thrilled to be more involved as we move forward.