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Finals can be a complicated and stressful time, but during exams there are things you can do to help make the process less stressful and more manageable! Check out the list below for the Top 10 Ways to help manage your finals stress this year substance free. Print out the flyers and share them with your school community, friends and family!


1. Switch up your study locations

Sticking to one study spot can sound like a good idea, but changing up your workspace will help lessen your boredom and give you fresh eyes that can help relieve some of the stress that comes with studying. Even if you just move across the room, try switching up where you study.

2. Take a laugh break

Whether you have a go to spot on YouTube, or maybe a favorite Netflix series, taking a short 10-20 min break to laugh and relax in-between your studying will help calm your mind, body and spirit. Taking a laugh break will help fuel your studying and reduce stress.

3. Make sure you have music

Try creating a study playlist of your favorite songs to listen to in between or after you study. Maybe it’s music that energizes you or maybe it’s music that makes you calmer, whatever it is have it by your side can help you add a little bit of stress reduction to your day.

4. Try coloring

Coloring is not just for little kids anymore! Everyone from adults to students studying for finals can get the benefits of coloring for stress reduction. If you don’t have time to run out and get a coloring book, try finding an app on your phone. Take a break and come back to your studies refreshed and with less stress.

5. Try moving around

Maybe you have a favorite sport you play, workout routine or even a simple dance break. Whatever your go to for movement is, add it in before or after to your studying to help reduce stress and help you feel more calm and focused.

6. Take a self-care break

What’s your favorite self care go-to? Painting your nails, taking a long hot shower or bath, maybe a massage? Whatever treat you like to give yourself, during finals is a great time to make sure you add that in to stay stress free.

7. Get Organized

Having a clean work space, organizing your notes, making a list and tasks that make you feel more organized in general can help you feel like your finals are more manageable. Try one of the above things to get your studying organized so you are well prepared to conquer what’s ahead.

8. Get Outside

Reconnecting with nature can help reenter you and calm you. Take a five-minute walk, or simply sitting outside for a few minutes and take some deep breaths can help refuel your mind for studying.

9. Fuel your body well

Stress can lead to eating a lot of nutrient lacking food, but now is the time you want to make sure you are eating your best in order to fuel your mind and body. Focus on drinking water and eating a diet rich in variety and nutrients to stay well fueled for finals.

10. Ask for help if you need it

If you are feeling overwhelmed make sure you ask for help from a trusted adult, teacher or someone in your life you trust. Maybe you need an extension or need some extra help, don’t be afraid to ask. You don’t need to struggle alone.