Few impressive attributes of Instagram

The usage of social media platforms is now becoming a trend. People use social media platforms for entertainment as well as for business purposes. One of the most commonly used; in fact, downloaded social media app is Instagram.

Instagram offers many unique features. It provides beautiful filters and editing options for your posts or mainly pictures. Instagram has many trending options. Apart from filters and editing, it offers many other modifications as well. It offers the option for story uploading, story highlights, map location, and verification of badges. 

What so special about IGTV feature?

When Instagram was launched, during the early days, it offered fewer variants and features. Though it has a filter and editing features, the pictures you posted on Instagram was not downloaded for more than 24 hours.

On public requests, especially bloggers and business expanders, the option of IGTV was introduced. You can easily connect IGTV through your Instagram account. Since the option of IGTV is already present in all mobiles. During IGTV, videos can be uploaded for a more extended period. You can post a video of 60 minutes on it as well.

Now, if you open Instagram, you will notice many IGTV videos uploaded on the internet. These videos are either health or beauty based. Detailed makeup tutorials or cookery videos are posted. These videos are enjoyed by many over Instagram.

Some unusual features IGTV Instagram offers      

Some of the unusual features it offers are

  • You can easily connect your Instagram with IGTV option since the IGTV is already installed in your mobiles. All you have to do is to connect these apps to make things work.
  • Initially, there was no option on Instagram to upload any video for a more prolonged time, but due to public demand, Instagram made changes. Once you have connected your Instagram account with IGTV, you can upload a significant number of videos and that too, on a lengthy basis. You can upload a video for more than 50 minutes. Initially, after launching this app, a video was uploaded for no more than 59 seconds, but things and changes were made soon after to satisfy the audience.
  • You can also take a look at the IGTV views by buying these views. You have to pay some cash to the engine organizers. Bloggers are using this feature to know how many people are following and viewing them.
  • There is also an option of highlights. By choosing the highlight option, you can keep your story for a more extended period on your account. So new followers can also take a glimpse of your previous work.
  • Instagram also offers location mapping. You can turn on your mobile GPS and let your followers know where you are traveling by using the location mapping option on Instagram.
  • You can keep your account either private or public; these options are present on Instagram.